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Questionnaire on motives and motivation new fitnessclub members

Door: Jan Middelkamp

Prijs: € 4.95 People often explain the terms “motives” and “motivation” in different ways. Within the fitness industry, they are often even used as synonyms, but in this product they are treated as different concepts. Motives are seen as relatively stable desires that can encourage someone to display specific behaviour. Famous examples are improving stamina, attracting social contacts and losing weight. You can view motives as the spark for participation in fitness in fitness clubs. They are needed to start “something”. Motivation relates to factors that determine the occurrence of specific behaviour at a certain moment. Motivation is more dependent on a situation that a fitness customer is in. A customer with the motive to lose weight can feel motive in one situation – for instance, a group fitness lesson -, while this might not be the case in a different situation. Motivation is about continuing. This questionnaire helps fitness clubs to investigate motives and motivations of new fitnessclub members. Its an easy-to-use and tested questionnaire of three pages.