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Adherence factors in physical activity, exercise & fitness

Door: Jan Middelkamp

Prijs: € 8.95


It is well documented that physical activity (PA), exercise and fitness are beneficial for health. This holds for individuals as well as for the population in general.It is generally accepted that PA can be seen as any kind of bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure. Exercise is defined as a subset of physical activity that consists of planned, structured, repetitive bodily movements with the purpose of improving or maintaining one or more components of physical fitness or health. Fitness is defined as exercise in fitness clubs, companies or at home using strength, cardio and/or functional equipment. Physical activity, exercise, and fitness, also in fitness clubs, are often initiated for health benefits and can be labeled as a kind of health behaviour. As with many other health behaviour, exercise has a dose-response relation which is that people need a critical amount of exercise to gain health benefits. From this perspective you could express that exercise is medicine! But the exercise-medicine is only effective when people take it regularly and as long as possible. Because 50% of all people quit their exercise program within the first six months, sports, fitness and health professionals need to understand and implement simple strategies to support their clients for long term adherence. This ebook gives an overview of all important factors (66 in total) and how to use them to get more people more active. A must for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, nutritional experts and many other sports and health professionals. Read more in the book The future of health & fitness!