Innovate or Die?

Door Jan Middelkamp | 13 January 2016 Trends

In his famous book, The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail, Christensen points out to an important dilemma in terms of needs for innovation. The most successful companies are successful because they listened to their customers and invested in technologies and products to address the needs of their (future) customers. But these are the same reasons why these companies failed: they listened to their customers and enjoyed the ‘’safe-zone’’ for too long! Sometimes you literally have to Kill the company (read this book of Bodell) before setting up something truly innovative. 

Sitting is killing: The effects of sitting on our bodies

Door Arto Pesola | 21 September 2015 Trends

What exactly is so unhealthy about sitting that this daily habit of ours has cause significant interest among famous community health and exercise researchers? When you sit down in your comfortable office chair or onto your sofa at home, your body shifts into a resting state, and blissful serenity fills your mind. Your coffee cup steams on the table and you close your mind to all external stressors. 

Motivate your clients with our new book

Door Jan Middelkamp | 20 April 2015 News, Health & Fitness

Exercise is medicine! But do people take the medicine? And for how long? Nowadays there is an unlimited amount of proof that physical activity and exercise are beneficial for health. Despite of this, an important question is if people take this medicine (regularly) enough to gain the multiple health-related benefits. Research shows that approximately 50% of all people drop out of an exercise program within the first six months. See Figure 1 below.

Fitness buildings for sale

Door Jan Middelkamp | 15 February 2015 Fitness, Retention

Paying not to go to the gym is the title of a US study in 2006 showing that consumers (members of fitness or health clubs) experience difficulties visiting their club regularly. The result of this could be that owners of fitness clubs should sell their buildings or at least a part of it. This statement needs some explanation. 

Exercise is medicine: but do people take it?

Door Jan Middelkamp | 13 January 2015 Health & Fitness

You as a fitness, health or sports professional know the statement: exercise is medicine! And most people in general understand this too. Nowadays there is an unlimited amount of proof that physical activity and exercise are beneficial for health. Despite of this, an important question is if people take the medicine regularly enough to gain the multiple health related benefits. 

Wat is de prijsgevoeligheid van leden in jouw fitnessclub?

Door Han Doorenbosch | 04 November 2014 Sales

Als fitness professional weet je al dat met de opkomst van low budget clubs sinds 2005 de factor prijs nog meer dan daarvoor een essentieel onderdeel in marketingmix van fitnessbedrijven. De prijs lijkt een hard gegeven, maar de psychologische perceptie ervan is erg belangrijk. 

Start jij een fitnesscentrum? Kijk dan eens goed naar je businessmodel

Door Johan Steenbergen | 11 October 2014 Management

Hoe starten we een fitnesscentrum? Hoe zetten we een product in de markt? Welk houvast hebben we om iets nieuws te ontwikkelen? Wat we ook allemaal bedenken en willen, iets moet levensvatbaar zijn en blijven. De tijd dat een bedrijf of product wordt gezet op de achterkant van een bierviltje is echt iets vanuit het verleden en het getuigt van naïeve romantiek te denken dat in deze tijd dit volstaat. 

How to stay Hydrated

Door Kelby Jongen | 17 August 2014 Food and Health

Many fitness professionals advice clients to drink more water. Why is that so important for the body? What is the role of hydration in the body? And what is a healthy amount to drink? 60% of an adults body weight is water which means that water is the largest substance in the human body.

Food addiction and emotional eating

Door Kelby Jongen | 24 July 2014 Food and Health

A lot of people are struggling with emotional eating. An Internet survey of 17,000 failed dieters (almost 90 percent of whom were women) found that virtually all of them had relapsed because of emotional issues. "We often see clients who are committed to losing weight, but as soon as they get into a fight with their husband or have a bad day at work, they'll run to the fridge to eat snacks. 

How super are super foods actually?

Door Kelby Jongen | 03 July 2014 Trends

The science behind super foods: are they really super? The term ‘super food’ has become a popular buzzword in the language of food and health. Why? Because it’s healthy? Super foods give a  positive reaction to the body. They say it can give a healing effect. Super foods are pure and without additional ingredients, that’s why these products are often more expensive.

Fitness trends for 2014 still actual?

Door Kelby Jongen | 25 June 2014 Fitness, Trends

Every year there is a list with the new fitness trends for the coming year. The most popular list is coming from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The research is coming out of 3800 fitness professionals worldwide. 

Physical inactivity is just as dangerous as smoking!

Door Kelby Jongen | 17 June 2014 Fitness

In the book The future of health and fitness, an impressive group of European Professors explain how to get more Europeans active by 2025.  The book is a must-read document to understand the problem of inactivity and the relationship to health and fitness and how to make a plan for improvements. In terms of health, several diseases are discussed like overweight and obesity. The table below shows the huge amount of overweight and obese persons per country.

Virtual is the 2014 fitness trend

Door Peter van der Steege | 16 December 2013 Fitness, Trends

Every year the SGMA investigates fitness trends in the United States of America. Usually, the US is ahead of other parts of the world when in comes to fitness. According to the SGMA, the biggest trend in 2011 was walking for fitness, based on a national survey with 38.742 interviews, completed by 15.038 individuals.

Motivated members in fitness clubs

Door Jan Middelkamp | 08 November 2013 Fitness, Retention

One of the most used key words in the global fitness industry is motivation. But what is motivation? And how can we understand the principles behind motivation? Lets first define three important concepts:

EHFA Retention report 2013

Door Jan Middelkamp | 02 September 2013 Management, News

Every business prospers if it can keep customers loyal for a long time, if not for life. Improving the retention of customers also helps improve the retention of the key staff.

Trends versus Trust

Door Peter van der Steege | 17 June 2013 Trends

The fitness industry is a trendy world. Trends come and go. When you count all the trends that have been launched globally in the last twelve months, you will get lost. Trends help our industry a lot, but there are cons as well.

Boiling frog syndrome

Door Mark Saunders | 17 June 2013 Fitness

When people get older, their level of physical activity and exercise decreases dramatically. An impressive longitudinal study proved that people exercise 55% less comparing the same group on the age of 13 to the age of 27. So inactivity becomes a bigger risk to health when people get older. How come? 

EHFA and sign Partnership

18 June 2013 News

EHFA (European Health & Fitness Association, based in Brussels) has started a partnership with which went live June 18th 2013.

BlackBoxFitness (BBF) is a global publication platform for fitness professionals, to share practical knowledge and tools with colleques around the globe!

Member retention: multiple perspectives

Door Jan Middelkamp | 14 June 2013 Management

In our industry we often discuss retention. In fact, mostly we refer to member retention. But, we could also discuss employee retention in general or retention of specific groups of employees. For example, from practice in the industry we hear that some clubs have a turnover of sales reps of 200 to 300% per year. Wow!