Roy Sip

International Elite consultant human Speeddevelopment
Grave, Netherlands

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As a international sprint/hurdles/relay coach Roy is specialized in teaching trainers, coaches and athletes how to improve the sprintcapacity, human velocity, agility and quickness (regardless which sports).

Roy's goal is to improve the level of sprinting, agility and quickness of (young) athletes. Sharing his expertise with other athletes, coaches and associations (national and international) will help him reaching this goal.

To achieve this goal, Roy's developed a one-day course: the 7 secrets of human speeddevelopment. Since this is based on the laws of (human) Physics, these secrets are valid for all kinds of sports.

Roy is available for teaching these secrets to any motivated individual, group or organization all over the world. Just contact Roy if you like to know more:

Specialties: Sportcoaching, mental coaching, teambuilding, Teaching: agiltiy, athletisme, quickness, Strength and fitness, plyometrics Fundamentals of movement, (Functionel) core-stability, Sport-specific techniques and skills (gymnastics, track and field, racket sports, golf, all bal- and teamsports), Movement Analysis, Pedagogy, Didactics, Organizing Sportscamps, Periodization and Planning.

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