Human Capital

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31 May 2018 0 Respuesta

Human capital

As a fitness professional, I have worked for various fitness clubs (Internationals and stand-a-lone fitness clubs). As a typical hybrid fitness professional, I was teaching group fitness classes, doing sales, working front desk and management. As a manager, you need to provide a work environment where people can do their job without the struggles of software and/or equipment not working satisfactory. However, it is the people that work for you that make the difference between good en great. We should focus more on our ‘Human Capital’. That is why I recommend reading Human Capital by Jan Middelkamp and Herman Rutgers. They explain why people love their job and what we can do to keep them happy and motivated.

Happy people are more motivated

The fitness sector has grown tremendously in the past decades. Did you know that fitness is now the number 1 participation sport in Europe with almost 60 million members and 650,000 employees? Whether you are a CEO, manager or owner of 1 fitness club or 100, the key to success is people! It is the people who have the knowledge, the character and the opportunity to make a difference for our customers. The people are our ‘human capital’. As Richard Branson quotes: ‘take great care of your employees and they will take great care of your clients’. Happy people are more motivated and perform better.

Over 630 people completed the survey for Human Capital. With all the statistics, the most important number is that almost 70% of the workers in the fitness sector are very happy with the position they are in, and only 9% is dissatisfied with their job. Did you know that? Helping people is by far the most important aspect of working in the fitness sector in Europe?

This image presents the priorities per country for workers in the fitness and active sector.

statsitics why people love their job in the fitness


Other statistics I would like to share with you:

  • A common misunderstanding is that salary is the most important working condition. It’s not!!
  • The most common reason for people to leave their job is that they want a new challenge. 54% of workers said that career advancement opportunities are more important than salary when looking for work.
  • Engaged employees are more productive for, and more loyal to, the company. Unfortunately research has shown that only 32 procent of workers feel engaged.

Emma Barry a founding member of Les Mills International and previous Director of Group Fitness Programming for Equinox provides tips and tricks on how to attract, select and keep great (group exercise) talent. Did you know that: a positive and happy company culture results in a 12% better productivity?

Real life situations

The book contains chapters from expert authors, and you will find ten case studies from real life situations in fitness organisations. For example tips and case studies of Kees van der Graaf (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Basic-Fit) , PureGym (UK’s leading gym operator in low-cost en high-quality fitness facillities) and Bioritmo Group (leader in high standard fitness in Brazil). Many tips will help you develop a mindset more focused on the people element in management. So, happy reading and learning.

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