About us

BlackBoxFitness - marketplace for fitness professionals

RedBox BV incorporates three brands and activities: BlackBoxPublishers (BBP); BlackBoxAcademy (BBA; previously known as SL!M) and BlackBoxResearch (BBR). All brands have the same mission; to facilitate fitness, health and sport professionals with world class content for growth!

BlackBoxPublishers (BBP) was founded in 2012 from the idea that the global fitness industry was percieved as a black box concerning information for fitness professionals. The information was limited and could hardly be found. That same year BBP published their first book The state of research in the global fitness industry (published in Dutch, English and German).

BlackBoxPublishers is the official publishing partner of EuropeActive (the European not-for-profit organisation for the health and fitness sector), together we provide more information for fitness, health and sport professionals and the information is easier to be found. BBP facilitates www.blackboxfitness.com, a marketplace with free and paid content created for and by professionals.

BlackBoxAcademy (BBA), previously known as SL!M management courses, provides management education for fitness professionals primarily in The Netherlands. BlackBoxAcademy originated from the wish to offer more in-depth knowledge to professionals who want to develop themselves.  The management courses plug into popular themes such as, service, customer journey, club management en boutique fitness studio management. For more information, check out: www.blackboxacademy.nl

BlackBoxResearch (BBR) facilitates scientific and applied research projects in the fitness and health sector in general and specific themes. Like personal training, fitness and group fitness. BBR is specialised in health behaviour change in particular preventive health behaviour.

About BlackBoxFitness

BlackBoxFitness offers practical tools for fitness professionals. For example training programs for personal trainers, job descriptions for managers, practical scientific research for fitnessclubs, marketing campaigns, sales tools, powerpoint presentations and ready to go programs.

BlackBoxFitness has the following unique characteristics:

1. An open and online website where all fitness industry knowledge and tools are presented.

2. The website is available in multiple languages and many documents are in multiple languages.

3. A number of documents and tools are free to download and use in your own fitness business.

4. Much more files can be bought for a affordable prices and are delivered in a second (digital).

5. The files are created by an enormous and divers amount of authors. Also you can be one!